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The Foundation’s leader interview in The People Magazine

A while ago the journalists of The People Magazine came to our office and spoke with Olga Spektor about personal and work questions.

The interview is very warm, sincere, personal and the main – comprehensive.

Some main massages:

"The pain provokes activity. I am very sentimental person. When you see the dog with a huge wound in a snout, you feel the real pain on physical level. This is the pain which cannot be stopped by your own whish. At the same time when I see this animal after two or three months with a normal snout I have a feeling that I’m saving at least one life and this covers all bad things that I feel. Unfortunately without feeling the pain people (as they are very cruel in general) cannot feel the compassion.

“Our shelters in general were created for dogs, because they are more dangerous for people. Nevertheless we are making the exceptions – very miserable and those who left without any help we take under our custody. We had cats, horses, polecat and even crow”.

“We receive help from pupils with two hryvnas and elder people with big money; they are not in major, of course. One old woman gives us 5 UAH every month, and this 5 UAH – is that component which is very important for us. If everyone will give at least 1 UAH for the charity or took one dog, the problem would be solved”.

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