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Ready for whatever, to find a home!

That was the slogan which we launched for a large-scale social advertising in Kiev and Kiev region. A series of posters and banners with humorous, but they are not less important, promises aimed at building loyalty to mongrel dogs. Looks cool, doesn't it?!


Social advertising campaign called “Ready for whatever, to find a home!”  - is what we were preparing for a long period of time! Qualified, interesting and bright advertising campaign which is truly works. We believe that even if it will change the opinion of one person then it worth it! All the more so it is only the beginning!

We would like to say Thank you!

Thanks to the Association of External Advertisement for publishing 40 billboards and 40 citylayts in good, well-crowded places.

Thanks to creative agency >STRELA  for the great conception and realization.  Mongrel  dogs from the streets which are ready to make a tattoo or cheat on hair curlers only for creating a good opinion to their future owners – this is all so close to the truth! They are really wants to make a good opinion of themselves! They are all so gorgeous! Pay attention that all dogs that you may see on the posters are dogs which were or still right now without home!

Thanks to all who saw this advertisement, made a call and at least thought of taking a dog from the shelter and not from the pet-shop. Each dog deserves for home and we will do all possible things that each dog would have it!