Can't adopt? Take under the sponsorship!
Новини Фонду

Can't adopt? Take under the sponsorship!

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you that we have started very important project, which will change the life of many stray dogs.

Now everyone who is indifferent to the life of the stray dogs, and have no opportunity to take it home, can take him or her under the personal custody. This opportunity – is the unique chance firs of all for the hundreds of seriously ill and old dogs to find a friend who will take care about them. One of the first lucky dogs became Pushok – nice and kind dog of 13 years which is suffering from epilepsy. There he is – get acquainted (лінк не працює)

Now Pushok (and one more dog from Dik shelter) are under the custody of a great girl Olga. And do you know what the sum of the custody on 2 dogs is? That is less than 20 UAH per day! For that money Foundation provides the needed nutrition and medicine for the animals. 

When you take the concrete dog under the custody you can always be informed whom do you feed and take care, you can give your love and care for your dog and you are always welcomed to come, play and walk with your dog! And that will be yours and only yours dog! And in spite of the fact that it lives in the shelter the dog will know that she/or he already have a friend!

If you are ready to take someone under your custody — choose the dog and send application here.