Корисна інформація Cat from the shelter. From choosing a shelter to how to find a common language with a new pet Taking a cat from a shelter is a responsible step. How to choose a shelter, how to prepare a home for the arrival of a new family member, and how to establish a relationship with an adult animal that is not yet accustomed to your company and new home, telling the experts from the Association of Pets and People Understanding (in Ukrainian) 07.03.2023 Корисна інформація Why does the dog pull the leash? Do you think that only an ill-mannered dog pulls the leash and that the twitching will help you get your dog to walk beside you? Or that a short leash is a good way to control a dog that is desperately rushing forward?
Why this is not so, helps to understand Anton Volkov — dog behavior specialist (in Ukrainian)
Корисна інформація How to Get Aid from Happy Paw Foundation Happy Paw is a Ukrainian charitable foundation founded in 2012. All this time, we have been developing the charity culture and working to ensure that every stray animal has a home and every person treats animals responsibly! 26.01.2023 Корисна інформація You have found a lost or homeless animal? What to do if you find a lost pet or stray animal you want to help (in Ukrainian) 25.01.2023 Корисна інформація How to teach a dog to be calm in a kennel Zhanna Oliynyk, a cynologist and specialist in dog behavior correction, tells why it is a good idea to accustom a dog to a kennel (in Ukrainian) 13.01.2023 Корисна інформація Preparing the dog for the flight Zhanna Oliynyk, a cynologist and specialist in dog behavior correction, tells how to minimize the stress of a flight for a dog (in Ukrainian) 11.01.2023 Корисна інформація . . 18.07.2018 Корисна інформація . . 24.01.2018 Корисна інформація . . 23.01.2018 Корисна інформація Sports exercises for dogs . 27.04.2017