Новини Фонду Seven brand new high-quality and cozy cages are ready to host dogs! We finally did it! Seven brand new warm cages for dogs are built and placed in shelters. They are ready to host our fluffy wards and we are ready to take further step. Our new aim is to build ten new cages in order to save at least hundred of stray dogs. 
Новини Фонду Ready for whatever, to find a home! That was the slogan which we launched for a large-scale social advertising in Kiev and Kiev region. A series of posters and banners with humorous, but they are not less important, promises aimed at building loyalty to mongrel dogs. Looks cool, doesn't it?!

Новини Фонду New project on Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is launched! We have launched a new project on Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace in order to collect funds for building new cages. If we could build them it would save the lives of more than 100 dogs!
Новини Фонду Event on the portal Superdeal is finished! Dear friends, thank you all who took part and all thanks to the portal Superdeal!  
Новини Фонду Gratitude post Let's start this week with good news! Yesterday some of our subsribers on Facebook came to one of our shelters. 
Новини Фонду The article about us in the magazine The magazine “ZooDrug” wrote about us in one of its issues.
Новини Фонду Can't adopt? Take under the sponsorship! Dear friends, we are glad to inform you that we have started very important project, which will change the life of many stray dogs.
Новини Фонду The Dog’s Day “Happy Paw” was great! We are truly thankful to all of you friends for making such a wonderful day! 08.10.2013 Новини Фонду Gratitude post Sincere gratitude, cause lawyers of Spektor Law Firm lend us great support that's worth its weight in gold! 08.10.2013 Новини Фонду Dogs day “Happy Paw”! International day of animal defense, 5th of October we are waiting everyone who cares in Shevchenko Park. Everyone who are ready to spent some time with use and fun in th company of people from “Happy paw fund”! 12.09.2013