Новини Фонду Olga Spektor won the “Terre de Femmes” award! We are very glad about that fact as Olga is very great person and deserves the best. By the way a lot of editions wrote about this! Probably you’ve seen some articles in magazines “Liza”, “Telenedielia”, and “Cosmopolitan”
Новини Фонду The Dog’s Day “Happy Paw” Vol.3 Dear friends! The Dog’s Day “Happy Paw” will be held on 21st of June in Shevchenko Park! Please come and take your friends with you – it will be awesome!
Новини Фонду Olga Spektor is a hero of our times! In frame of the project «Heroes of our times» the magazine «Fokus» took the interview of our Olga Spektor
Новини Фонду Olga Spektor interview in Sensa magazine The popular magazine Sensa interviewed the founder of our Foundation. That is so great that Olga’s work does not remain unnoticed by the public, and more and more people learn about our activities.
Новини Фонду The spring visits to the shelters are coming – join! Breathing the fresh air, playing with dogs and the main – helping the Foundation’s shelters in active way!
Новини Фонду Моя собака або собака моєї мрії Саме так називається творчий конкурс, в якому взяли участь десятки (а в майбутньому – сотні та тисячі) школярів Києва, які прослухали інтерактивні заняття з формування гуманного ставлення до дітей.
Новини Фонду The time of cleaning and repairing has come – so we need your help! Rakes, brooms, hoes, shovels, plywood, paint and a dozen of small and not very materials – this is what our shelters are needed.
Новини Фонду Thanks to guys from Cheesebanana Have you seen our site? It is wonderful! And it is so thanks to these guys on the picture.
Новини Фонду This gentle and affectionate world This Saturday we’ve participated in the opening of the photo exhibition “This gentle and affectionate world” from the talented photographer, the member of the Slovak Photographer Society and a wonderful woman Olga Levchenko.
Новини Фонду How to donate with payment terminal Hurray! Now you can help stray dogs by donatig with Privatbank payment terminals!