Новини Фонду We take care of the life of animals in shelters together with partners Foxtrot and Beko Thanks to the support of Foxtrot, our partner shelters received household appliances and food for foxes 01.07.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw helped animals together with Zagoriy foundation! Feed and building materials for a total amount of 200,000 UAH. received shelters throughout Ukraine 21.06.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw has launched a campaign to sterilize homeless animals in the Kyiv region Thanks to the financial support of Canadian partners "Veterinarians without Borders" VWB, the Happy Paw Foundation was able to begin sterilization of homeless animals in 4 cities of Kyiv region. 14.06.2022 Новини Фонду We continue to help animals in shelters with Purina Ukraine 57 tons, that's how much Happy Paw together with our permanent partners Purina Ukraine donated for animals in shelters 08.06.2022 Новини Фонду The activity of the Happy Paw Foundation during 85 days of the war ​We will never tire of thanking our philanthropists on behalf of all Happy Paw employees and animals from shelters that our organization takes care of! 24.05.2022 Новини Фонду Happy Paw rebuilds damaged Best Friends shelter Thanks to the financial support of the Canadian organization "Veterinarians without Borders", the Happy Paw Foundation was able to rebuild the affected shelter. 23.05.2022 Новини Фонду Purina and Happy Paw fed animals in Ukrainian shelters In May, Happy Paw and Purina Ukraine donated 32 tons of humanitarian aid food to Ukrainian shelters. 19.05.2022 Новини Фонду Help from friends from Varus Tails from the Sirius Shelter received delicious help from VARUS and Happy Paw 13.05.2022 Новини Фонду Somat and Epicenter K help animals together with Happy Paw Thanks to the Somat brand and the Epicenter K company, the Happy Paw Foundation purchased and donated over 1,500 kg of animal feed to shelters. 03.05.2022 Новини Фонду Humanitarian aid from OIPA to Ukrainian animals The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) has donated more than 12 tons of feed and other animal products to the Happy Paw Foundation. 28.04.2022