Новини Фонду Cashback from Monobank for rescuing homeless animals Happy Paw helped equip veterinary offices in 29 shelters, and also purchased warm booths for 5 shelters 21.03.2023 Новини Фонду F-support program for animals affected by the war In January and February, thanks to the F-support program for homeless animals evacuated from "hot spots", 2,867 kg of fodder and 5 complexes from kennels were handed over 14.03.2023 Новини Фонду Home appliances for shelters Household appliances for homeless animals were handed over in two shelters 07.03.2023 Новини Фонду The walking area beside the change house for cats A walking area was built in the Bim shelter for the previously purchased change house 03.03.2023 Новини Фонду 365 days of struggle War Year Happy Paw Foundation Report 01.03.2023 Новини Фонду - - 03.02.2023 Новини Фонду Dry food for homeless animals Cats and dogs in 2 shelters received 1000 kg of feed 02.02.2023 Новини Фонду 300 days of war A report in numbers for 300 days of struggle and almost non-stop work of the Happy Paw team 12.01.2023 Новини Фонду Happy Paw handed over appliances to shelters The technique necessary for the life of the shelters was delivered to 3 shelters 29.12.2022 Новини Фонду Supporting animals in shelters Happy Paw provided homeless animals with food, kennels, firewood and installed two modular cat houses thanks to a grant from Danny & Ron's Rescue 28.12.2022